Herramientas de Seguridad Lanzadas en DEFCON

A continuación les dejo un listado de herramientas de seguridad lanzadas en la reunión de hackers “DEFCON 16” en la Vegas Beholder – by Nelson Murilo and Luis Eduardo # Descripción: An open source wireless IDS program # Pagina: http://www.beholderwireless.org/ # Correo: bh@beholderwireless.org The Middler – by Jay Beale # Descripción: The end-all be-all of MITM tools # Pagina: http://www.themiddler.com/ (Online?) # Preface Link: http://www.intelguardians.com/themiddler.html ClientIPS – by Jay Beale # Descripción: An open source inline “transparent” client-side IPS # Pagina: http://www.ClientIPS.org/ (Online?) Marathon Tool – by Daniel Kachakill # Descripción: A Blind SQL Injection tool based on heavy queries # Download Link: http://www.codeplex.com/marathontool (Gracias Chema 😉 ) # Correo: dani@kachakil.com The Phantom Protocol – by Magnus Brading # Descripción: A Tor-like protocol that fixes some of Tor’s major attack vectors # Pagina: http://code.google.com/p/phantom # Correo: brading@fortego.se ModScan – by Mark Bristow # Descripción: A SCADA Modbus Network Scanner # Pagina: http://modscan.googlecode.com/ # Correo: mark.bristow@gmail.com Grendel Scan – by David Byrne # Descripción: Web Application scanner that searches for logic and design flaws as well as the standard flaw seen in the wild today (SQL Injection, XSS, CSRF) # Pagina: http://grendel-scan.com/ iKat – interactive Kiosk Attack Tool (This site has an image as a banner that is definitely not safe for work! – You have been warned) by Paul Craig # Descripción: A web site that is dedicated to helping you break out of Kiosk jails # Pagina: http://ikat.ha.cked.net # Correo: paul.craig@security-assessment.com DAVIX – by Jan P. Monsch and Raffael Marty # Descripción: A SLAX based Linux Distro that is geared toward data/log visualization # Pagina: http://code.google.com/p/davix/ # Download Link: http://www.geekceo.com/davix/davix-0.5.0.iso.gz # Correo: jan.monsch@iplosion.com and raffy@secviz.org CollabREate – by Chris Eagle and Tim Vidas # Descripción: An IDA Pro plugin with a server backend that allows multiple people to collaborate on a single RE (reverse engineering) project. # Pagina: http://www.idabook.com/defcon # Correo: cseagle@gmail.com and tvidas@gmail.com Dradis – by John Fitzpatrick # Descripción: A tool for organizing and sharing information during a penetration test # Pagina: http://dradis.sourceforge.net # Correo: john.fitzpatrick@mwrinfosecurity.com Squirtle – by Kurt Grutzmacher # Descripción: A Rouge Server with Controlling Desires that steals NTLM hashes. # Pagina: http://code.google.com/p/squirtle (Live?) # Correo: grutz@jingojango.net WhiteSpace – by Kolisar # Descripción: A script that can hide other scripts such as CSRF and iframes in spaces and tabs # Download Link: DEFCON 16 CD VoIPer – by nnp # Descripción: VoIP automated fuzzing tool with support for a large number of VoIP applications and protocols # Pagina: http://voiper.sourceforge.net/ Barrier – by Errata Security # Descripción: A browser plugin that pen-tests every site that you visit. # Pagina: http://www.erratasec.com # Correo: sales@erratasec.com Psyche...

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