Memorias del Hack in The Box 2008

Hack In The Box (HITB), es una de esas conferencias que ya todo el mundo conoce y espera ansioso para descubrir que nuevas novedades aparecen en el mundo de la seguridad. Tal vez, la más importante del continente asiático. La de este año ya ha publicado las presentaciones de todos sus ponentes: AWAITING SLIDES – CHARL VAN DER WALT D1T1 – Amitpal Dhillon – Addressing Identity Management D1T1 – Dino Dai Zovi – Mac OS Xploitation D1T1 – Ero Carrera – Analysis and Visualization of Common Packers D1T1 – Hernan Ochoa – Pass-The-Hash Toolkit for Windows D1T1 – Jim Geovedi – Hacking a Bird in the Sky 2.0. D1T1 – Julian Ho – Moocherhunter D1T1 – Peter Silberman – Full Process Reconstitution from Memory D1T2 – Alexander Tereshkin – Bluepilling the Xen Hypervisor D1T2 – Alexander Tereshkin – Xen Hypervisor Demos D1T2 – Eric Lawrence – IE 8 – Engineering a Trustworthy Browser D1T2 – Jonathan Squire – A Fox in the Hen House D1T2 – Paul Craig – Hacking Internet Kiosks D1T2 – Roberto Preatoni – Time for a Free Hardware Foundation D1T2 – Saumil Shah – Browser Exploits – A New Model for Browser Security. D1T2 – The Grugq – How the Leopard Hides His Spots D1T3 – Advanced Lock Picking Lab – NO SLIDES D1T3 – Mel Mudin and CS Lee – Advanced Network Forensics Lab D2T1 – Charlie Miller – iPwning the iPhone D2T1 – Ilfak Guilfanov – Decompilers and Beyond D2T1 – Kris Kaspersky – Remote Code Execution Through Intel CPU Bugs. D2T1 – Petko D Petkov – Client Side Security D2T2 – AR Samhuri – Next Generation Reverse Shell D2T2 – Adrian Pastor – Cracking into Embedded Devices and Beyond D2T2 – Mary Yeoh – Security Penetration Testing at RTL Level D2T2 – Matthew Geiger – How to Build Your Own Password Cracker and Disassembler. D2T2 – Shreeraj Shah – Top 10 Web 2.0 Attacks D2T3 – Advanced Wireless Lab D2T3 – Ching Tim Meng – Detecting and Removing Malware without Antivirus Software KEYNOTE 1 – Jeremiah Grossman – The Art of Click-Jacking KEYNOTE 2 – Marcus Ranum – Cyberwar is Bullshit KEYNOTE 3 + 4 – The Pirate Bay – Dissolving a Billion Dollar Industry as a Hobby. SPECIAL – HITB Charity Auction Movie Mas Información:...

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Hack In The Box Security Conference 2007 Malaysia

Desde hace varios meses se encuentran disponibles los vídeos de la conferencia realizada en Malasia por la gente de Hack In the Box (HITB). Esta noticia no la había publicado con anterioridad debido a que aún no los había visto (2 DVD) en su totalidad, por eso me atrevo a decir que ninguna de las charlas tiene desperdicio. El formato de los vídeos es .mov (puede visualizarse con Quicktime Player o VLC Player). El contenido temático de las conferencias es el siguiente: Día 1 1.) Keynote Address 1: Honeypot Project: Latest Research Lance Spitzner, Founder, Honeynet Project 2.) Keynote Address 2: Online Crime and Crime Online Mikko Hypponen, Chief Research Officer, F-Secure Corp. 3.) State of Security Andrew Cushman (Senior Director, Microsoft Security Response and Community, Microsoft Corp) 4.) Injecting RDS-TMC Traffic Information Signals – How to Freak Out Your Sat Nav System Andrea Barisani (Chief Security Engineer, Inverse Path Ltd) and Daniele Bianco (Hardware Hacker, Inverse Path Ltd) 5.) Hacking SCADA – How to 0wn Critical National Infrastructure Raoul Chiesa (Board of Directors member, ISECOM Group and TSTF) and Alessio L.R. Pennasilico aka Mayhem (Security Evangelist, Alba S.T. s.r.l. 6.) Exploiting the Intranet With a Webpage – Is JavaScript the New Shellcode? Martin Johns (University of Hamburg, Faculty of Informatics) 7.) Meta Anti Forensics: The HASH Hacking Harness The Grugq (Independent Network Security Specialist) 8.) Security: Past, Present and Future Deviant Olam, Eric Michaud & Q (Members of TOOL USA) and Marc Weber Tobias (Investigative Attorney and Security Specialist) 9.) WabiSabiLabi – The Exploit Marketplace Roberto Preatoni (Director of Strategy, WabiSabiLabi & Founder, Zone-H Defacement Mirror) 10.) Advanced Web Application and Database Threat Analysis with MatriXay Frank Yuan Fan (Founder and Chief Technology Officer, DBAPPSecurity) 11.) 360° Anomaly Based Intrusion Detection Dr. Stefano Zanero (Politecnico di Milano T.U. 12.) Insider Threat Visualization Raffael Marty (Manager, Strategic Application Solutions @ ArcSight Inc.) Día 2 1) Keynote Address 3: The Rise and Fall of Information Security in the Western World Mark ‘Phiber Optik’ Abene, Former Member of LOD/MOD 2) Keynote Address 4: The Evolution of Hacking Emmanuel Goldstein, Founder, 2600 Magazine 3) Tools and Strategies for Securing a Large Development Project Window Snyder (Chief Security Something or Other, Mozilla Corporation) 4) Hacking the Bluetooth Stack for Fun, Fame and Profit Dino Covotsos (Managing Director, Telespace Systems) 5) Protocol Fuzzing Luiz Eduardo (Senior Systems & Security Engineer, Mu Security) 6) Hacking Biometric Systems Starbug (Independent Security Researcher) 7) Hacking Hardened and Secured Oracle Servers Alexander Kornbrust (Founder, Red Database Security GmbH) Enterprise Hacking: Who Needs Exploit Codes? Fetri Miftach (Principal Consultant, PT Bellua Asia Pacific) and Jim Geovedi (Security Consultant,...

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