Entrevista a Marius Corici

Entrevista a Marius Corici

Hoy en Dragonjar tenemos el placer de realizar una entrevista a Marius Corici, Marius es el fundador de uno de los proyectos con mas éxito en el ámbito de la seguridad. Se trata de Hack a server una plataforma desde la que podremos entrenar nuestras habilidades teniendo un entorno controlado. Pero de esto hablaremos mañana, primero de todo, os dejo con la entrevista a Marius. 1-Who is Marius Corici?   Lazy entrepreneur (equivalent for lazy administrator). Thinking a lot to do less, preserving energy, providing simplicity. This is how I would describe myself. In 2003 I started doing business in the plumbing industry and co-founded ITS Group, a franchise for Romstal Company, the biggest plumbing installations retailer from South-Eastern Europe. After that, in 2007 I moved into Artificial Intelligence field and founded Intelligentics, a group for Natural Language Processing. My first online startup project was SentiMatrix a Real Time Sentiment Analysis Tool. It didn’t workout. Lesson learned: It’s not enough to have an idea as long as you don’t have the right team.  Now, I am very focused on infosec and got involved in all the biggest independent startup security projects in Romania; Hack a Server, HackAdemy, and CTF365. 2-What is your relationship with the world of security?   Is true that security attracted me since 1998 when I got my first private internet connection. Fooling around with scanners and tried different things like all big boys did, but other than this, none. Just pure passion to do same thing in a different, easy, affordable and funny way. As I state before, I like to pick up a problem and try to improve/optimize its actual solution. That online entrepreneurs do. There are a lot of problems out there and security is one of them. 3-What is the project hack a server? Hack a Server it’s a two sided market place where companies deploy their replica servers and hackers try to find vulnerabilities, report them and get paid for what they love to do most: Hacking Servers. All covered by anonymity and confidentiality. Using the power of crowd-source, HackaServer helps companies to improve their security by finding and report vulnerabilities/flaws on their servers and web applications. All big companies have their own Bug Bounty Programs. Google have it, Facebook have it, Mozilla have it, PayPal have it. Now everybody can have it using Hack a Server. The only difference is that on our platform all are Real Life Replica Servers/application without any sensitive data on it. 4-How did this idea? My friend and associate Marius Chis came and tell me that he would like to do an online startup project...

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