Material de la Botconf 2013

Hace unas semanas se celebró en Francia la primera edición de la Botconf. El primer congreso Europeo sobre Botnets. Tuve la oportunidad de ir como asistente y la verdad es que fue increíble, tanto la organización, como los ponentes. Han liberado el material, y aquí os lo pongo para que podáis disfrutarlo. Preliminary results from the European antibotnet pilot action ACDC. Integrating industry, research and operational networks into detecting and mitigating botnets Advanced Techniques in Modern Banking Trojans Spam and All Things Salty: Spambot v2013 – PAPER Distributed Malware Proxy Networks Legal limits of proactive actions: Coreflood botnet example Back to life, back to correlation Using cyber intelligence to detect and localize botnets Zombies in your browser Spatial Statistics as a Metric for Detecting Botnet C2 Servers  The Home and CDorked campaigns : Widespread Malicious Modification of Webservers for Mass Malware Distribution Malware Calling Disass Efficient Program Exploration by Input Fuzzing Perdix: a framework for realtime behavioral evaluation of security threats in cloud computing environment Participatory Honeypots: A Paradigm Shift in the Fight Against Mobile Botnets – PAPER My Name is Hunter, Ponmocup Hunter Reputation-based Life-course Trajectories of Illicit Forum Members APT1: Technical Backstage A General-purpose Laboratory for Large-scale Botnet Experiments DNS Resolution Traffic Analysis Applied to Bot Detection Exploit Krawler: New Weapon againt Exploits Kits BladeRunner: Adventures in Tracking Botnets – PAPER The hunter becomes the hunted – analyzing network traffic to track down botnets Espero que disfrutéis del material, la verdad es que las charlas han sido...

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